Don't worry about storing your boat at home.

Forget the hassles of towing and launching your boat.

The Boat House makes boating fun again!


The Boat House at Benders Ferry is the largest operation of its kind in the greater Nashville area, both in overall size and in the number of boats it can house.  Located on a 3 1/2 acre site on Old Hickory Lake's southern shore - directly adjacent to Cedar Creek Yacht Club and Lone Branch Public Access Area.

Consider the advantages of The Boathouse at Benders Ferry:

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  • Largest Boat Storage Facility in the Nashville area

  • Convenient location on Old Hickory Lake

  • Storage for boats up to 32 feet in length

  • Storage space for your personal watercraft

  • On-site maintenance services/cleaning services

  • Fueling services*

  • Professional experienced management

  • Reasonable rates & convenient hours


*mid grade gas without ethanol   

This custom-designed dry storage facility is built by Roof & Rack, Inc., of Boca Raton and Orlando, Florida, one of the nation's largest manufacturers and constructors of marine storage facilities.  It features:
  • Space to store up to 236 boats up to 32 feet in length

  • Space for 50 personal watercraft

  • 20,000 pound capacity lift to move boats in position on the storage racks

  • Attractive structure designed and positioned so that there is a buffer of trees between the waterfront and the facility

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