Marina Store

Stop in for cold drinks, beer, ice, snacks, ice cream apparel, sunglasses, sunscreen & life jackets.

Fuel Station

All fuel is 100% ethanol free & diesel. Valvtect marine fuel additive.

  • 87 – $5.10
  • 90 – $5.19
  • Diesel – $5.50

Boat Maintenance

Please contact us for any availability.

Runabout Cleanup

Exterior and Interior:
Haul Out:

(will quote delivery)

More Information

Pontoon Cleanup

Upper deck- pressure wash, seats cleaned, and UV protectant:

Holding Take Pump Out

Staff Pump Out:
Dockside Pump out:

Boat Storage

This custom-designed dry storage facility is built by Roof & Rack, Inc., of Boca Raton and Orlando, Florida, one of the nation's largest manufacturers and constructors of marine storage facilities.

It features: Space to store up to 236 boats up to 32 feet in length, space for 50 personal watercraft, 20,000 pound capacity lift to move boats in position on the storage racks, attractive structure designed and positioned so that there is a buffer of trees between the waterfront and the facility.

Please contact us for any availability.

Dry Storage A

boats & tri/pontoons up to 29 feet

Dry Storage B

boats & tri/pontoons up to 29 feet

Jet Port

limited availability